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Our History

Our History

On Point Massage was established in 2015 as a mobile massage company. After four years of bringing massage into clients’ homes, it was time to take the next step. In 2019 On Point Massage opened its first brick-and-mortar location in Winter Park, Florida.


Massage should be available to everyone.

With this in mind, we strive to keep our prices affordable and offer short sessions for those on a time crunch. We also do not charge more based on the type of massage you are getting. 

Cost does not determine quality.

Our prices are affordable, but we maintain a high level of quality. All of our therapists have years of experience in the medical field and continue their education yearly through various continuing education classes and workshops. 


Treatment time is essential.

The business model for massage is such that a 60-minute massage often means only 50 minutes of treatment time. While On Point understands this model and respects its use, we have devised a model of our own. Here at On Point Massage, we start the clock when we start the massage, not when you get in the room.  Simply put, a 60-minute massage means 60 minutes of treatment time.

No two clients are alike.

We believe in customizing each session to the individual.  We want to give you the best experience for you, not a generic massage session.


Meet Our Team

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